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About me

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Hi there,
I'm Liz

I’m an insatiably curious, rescue dog loving, book nerd.

I love and breathe ideas and collect knowledge. I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick. There is magic in story-telling and I love connecting people with the power of words.

My extensive experience includes writing for government agencies, non-profits and businesses of all sizes.  

I take my coffee black, gin with soda, and am ready to breathe life into your website, blog or social pages.

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Want to know more? 

When I finished university with a Bachelor of Communication Studies I jumped into the corporate world and had some pretty interesting roles in some pretty diverse organisations. 

Put simply, my career has been varied, weird, and wonderful.  And my skills are somewhat diverse.
A bit of a 'Jill of All Trades'.  

Over 20 years I’ve worked on big infrastructure projects and organised high level events.  I’ve written for all sorts from start-ups to international corporations, plumbers to community groups, acupuncturists to retailers. I’ve worked with government departments, health organisations, environmental experts, and not-for-profits doing great work in the community.


These days I’ve stepped back from high pressure, corporate work and enjoy working with community groups and small to medium businesses to help them grow and share their stories. 

But I still enjoy a good project.


If you’d like to know more about my working life you will find everything you need to know about my career story over on LinkedIn


So where exactly are you?
I'm based in beautiful Whangarei, but the beauty of what I do is that we can work together from anywhere in New Zealand or the world.
All we need is a phone or Zoom and email to work together.


If you'd like life breathed into your website, to share your stories with the world,
or need a safe set of hands to deliver that project, 
let's chat.

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